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Textures in design are a "must" that need to be taken into consideration when choosing furniture, accessories and other pieces needed in the spaces to be designed.

For those who follow me on my Instagram account @santiagobernaldesignstudio, you know that in my previous posts, I have been talking about textures and Biophilic Design (Referring to everything that comes from nature and outdoor elements).

It’s a booming trend through natural and organic elements, with such materials as wooden floors, stone, bamboo or jute. They provide versatile textures and characteristics, ideal for turning our spaces into healthy environments, promoting the well-being that we long for.

Among the main trends to highlight textures in design, I can list the 5 most relevant that I uses:

1. Furniture made with natural fibers: Bamboo, Rattan and Jute, among other natural fibers, will bring warmth and a more welcoming atmospheres to our spaces. Such pieces integrate easily to into any spaces and, blend well with practically any style.

2. Wallpaper: This is an element that must be taken into account when decorating our walls, in order to create a unique space. Wallpaper can be included in any decoration style due to its versatility.

3. Boho decoration with macramé tapestries: This technique returns with force to decorate our spaces. They are easy to be applied into the decoration, by placing them is wall, as a hanging planter, decorative pillows or hammocks.

4. Sofas with curved lines: Curves set the tone in design and provide a greater sense of comfort.

It is an important design resource resource. When they are used the results are soften and furniture proportions seems lengthen. The also contribute to an easy flow of the space, and great energy according to Feng Shui.

5. Wall Wood Panels: Wall covering that is not only used to decorate. Such materials provide warmth and character to any environment. Its versatility allows to play with different compositions such as Grids, diamonds, and many other.

Final suggestion: The Ideal is to maintain balance and feel identified with the elements that make up your decoration. There are many materials that we can use to achieve that practical environment with the style that you are looking for. Thus the reason we provide information about trends, so you can achieve that sensational home, with the comfort and warmth so longed for.

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