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Home decoration ideas for a healthy lifestyle

We are committed on designing homes for a healthy lifestyle.

Because of many changes and adjustments in our lives due to the pandemic, we must seek to live in multifunctional homes to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The pandemic has brought chaos and complexity to our lives, and clients now require decoration ideas that reflect healthier spaces.

We now stay at home longer than ever before. So, we have to design our homes thinking on those new activities such as work from home, remote learning, home entertainment, online shopping, and recreation, which require proper solutions -most of the time- within the same square footage.

Here are some decoration ideas when designing a home for a healthy lifestyle with those new normality challenges:

• Select a color palette in monochromatic color schemes to achieve harmony, tranquility, and a feeling of well-being.

• Specify a more relaxed and comfortable furniture

selection for a longer usage time. Now we require more permanence.

- Use room dividers, screens, sliding doors, thus obtaining areas in which we can isolate from noise and distraction, but flexible when you open them.

• Select good quality products by verifying the durability of all selected materials. I promote longer life and usage to avoid frequent changes and higher consumption.

• Create more functional spaces by composing furniture with drawers, doors, and shelves.

• Eliminate many -non in use- elements, avoiding chaos and clutter, thus obtaining visually lighter spaces and more focus on your activities.

• Introducing exterior elements to produce a feeling of well-being by bringing indoor plants, flowers, and other natural resources.

The results should be an oasis that helps commute between different activities. Simplicity is on my mind without compromising good design and well-thought residences. Let us help you get your home to the new level of a healthy lifestyle!

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1 Comment

Daniel Estrada
Daniel Estrada
Jan 21, 2022

I've been working from home for many years and since the pandemic started, my wife as well. Your suggestions make tremendous sense, Santi, we'll put them to good and immediate use. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and vision.

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