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One of my passions is designing spaces and achieving compositions using geometric shapes. The universe of geometry is something that attracts greatly because our world is composed with them, and we can see information wherever we look.

To understand the power of these elements, we need to understand the basics of shape psychology. By doing so we understand how I used them in my work.

Lets start with just some basic shapes:

Squares and rectangles: These forms represent stability, structure, and order. They produce authority, strength, and security.

Triangles: They provide a sense of movement and are associated with direction, power, and action.

Circles: These forms are gentler and represent completion, wholeness, harmony, and creativity. They can be sensual and add organic values.

Rhombuses: These shapes are vibrant and contemporary.

Hexagons: They represent unity and balance.

It is interesting to understand these values ​​and how to use these elements as your allies.

But to excel in the results, we must break the rules, and make your own. Thus, visual impact is achieved obtaining the intention in your design

Great design is not read with a language composed by letters, but a non-written communication scheme: the use of your 5 senses.

There is a well-known principle that says that in order to excel in the work we do, that we must break the rules and create our own. This is a path to obtain the quality and intention of our design.


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