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How to improve the wellness of your dream home using Biophilic design.

Biophilic design responds to the human need to connect with nature.

We spend 80% to 90% of our time indoors with many adverse effects, altering our physical and mental health. So, to improve our wellness, we have to make some changes to increase our wellbeing and obtain a healthy dream home.

What to do? By investigating the problem and searching for solutions, I came across a new term that was not in my lexicon: BIOPHILIC DESIGN. It is humankind's innate biological connection with nature. Its theory sounds critical for anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle.


Biophilic design contributes to our biological need to connect with nature, providing essential health benefits such as a constant sense of wellness and happiness, which improves productivity. By understanding such principles, their implementation has to become a more significant player in the design and production of my work.

Let us analyze some simple experiences in life and how many benefits we obtain from them. To name a few, the way we feel hiking in the mountains, walking in the park, or running along the seashore; these activities provide relief, relaxation, and therapeutic healing effects.

The principal theory of Biophilic design is to evoke nature into the interior. It is bringing indoors elements from the outdoors.

I am pointing out some examples of what you can do:

• Incorporating indoor gardens.

• Introducing oversized plants in interiors.

• Using natural woods as material for our designs.

• Specifying indoor water fountains.

• Using natural aromas.

• Even incorporating nature's sounds.

• And most importantly, having pets.

The benefits for your dream home are infinity, and the wellness effects are even better.

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Beiman Kremer
Beiman Kremer
Feb 24, 2022

Very interesting

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