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New era for Interior home Design by Santiago Bernal

Rebranding our design studio

The world has changed! The past few months have made us rethink on how we will be working, living, socializing, and entertaining.

I have been analyzing how such changes will be implemented in my office and work. After brainstorming with my staff, colleagues, and much meditation we are ready for a new phase. We are implementing new processes, and new ways to design, more focused on wellbeing of clients and family, better selection of materials alleviate the footprint of our work, and many other processes that we will be sharing with you.

To reflect this important evolution, we are launching a new image to reflect our growth. Our new logo has been designed based on two components that are present in our work:

- The Circle - The magic form that evokes creativity and adaptability- It is also the symbol for the cycle of life and the world, meaning unity, infinity, and perfection.

- The Stairs - the architectural feature that symbolizes rising or overcoming, journey, progression, and growth.

Such elements very well express who we are and denotes our essence and identity.

Come along with us. We will be sharing everything on our Instagram account @santiagobernaldesignstudio



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