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Reinventing Interior Space – New concepts for Dining room

Interior solutions have evolved in so many ways. Today paces are not solely destined for one function. They most serve multiple usages. That is the case for the dining room -which in most cases- areas solely for eating and very occasional festive commemorations, leading to poor usage of valuable areas of our homes.

Here new Interior needs:

  • Smaller residential units are becoming a trend, providing reduced spaces for each required activity

  • Multipurpose is a crucial element of today’s interior spaces

  • New activities such as working from home, remote studying, home entertainment, and internet communications have become routine practices. They require practical and productive multipurpose solutions.

  • Formal dining room spaces are out.

  • A healthy lifestyle and exercising are now vital needs that require specific solutions for activities such as exercise space, yoga area, meditation space, hobby room, and others.

New solutions are needed to comply with such needs. Some ideas:

  • Pay attention to the chairs. Select comfortable and ergonomically designs due to prolonged usage.

  • Ideal if they are lightweight and stackable so that they can open a space for other activities

  • The exact requirements apply to dining tables that must be easy to maneuver.

  • Select shapes that have an organic form – they are softer to the eye, more practical for multipurpose usage, and feel better in typically reduced square or rectangle rooms.

  • Lighting is key. Perhaps a chandelier is not the solution. Multi-purpose usages require several lighting solutions. Think recess lighting, floor lamps, or task table lamps to be placed on a console or adjacent space can be helpful.

  • Lighter and brighter colors are excellent selections for an area that will now be used for diverse functions, providing a calming effect.

  • Introduce interior plants. They provide a sense of serenity and a great connection with nature.

Let us know your comments and if you have additional requirements for the ever-changing spatial solutions.



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