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When designing or selecting the furniture and décor for your master bedroom, I can point out some essential considerations in order to obtain the perfect room:

  • This is the space n our house where we spend the most time, so especial requirements are needed

  • The end result needs to be inviting, cozy and relaxing. This is the place to recover from daily work, stress and routine

  • Its an intimate space, so it needs to provide an atmosphere where we can play, communicate and procure intimacy

  • Pay special attention to comfortable selections Not only in the furniture, but textures, textiles and specially the quality of bed linens, and bed pillows

  • Good lighting is important due to the several different activities in the room. Dimmers, recess lights, indirect lighting, table lamps, floor lamps, etc all have a purpose, and that is to create different moods.

  • When it comes to color selections, my suggestion is to go neutral, select light color and accentuate with decorative pillows, accessories and art work for walls

  • The use of wall or floor mirrors create interesting reflections and add the feeling of a bigger space.

  • Tactile selections are important - soft textures, warm materials.

  • No white walls please. Use a light color to dress the walls, even a textured wall paper and attain a sense of protection and comfort


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