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Sustainable design is on-trend right now, but why is it important?

Because we need to Stop, modify our conduct and the high demand for unnecessary goods, respect natural resources and think of a brighter future for new generations to apply.

Keeping sustainable practices is an excellent way to be eco-minded. Humankind is on the verge of collapse, and we cannot afford to maintain business practices as usual. We face climate changes and catastrophic ecological damages that bring uncontrollable natural disasters and produce social, economic, and political unrest.

What to do? There are many ways we can adapt to the high demand for unneeded resources. Here is a list that you can take into consideration, and add many other ways that might come to your mind:

- Repurpose anything you can - Refinish, alter and update things that you can reuse

- Purchase things of good quality, so they last, and avoid constant unneeded replacement

- Only buy what you need. Avoid impulsive shopping

- Read content or composition of things you purchase.

- Avoid usage of disposable items. They usually are not needed and can be avoided

- Say away from Unneeded packaging when we shop

- Lower water and electrical consumption

- Have a recycling policy

- Donate things you don’t use

- Remember, it only takes simple steps

Select items you already have and think about how they can be given a new life, a new version, or placed in a different setting or room. Even better, adopt an old item that you find attractive, exciting, or belongs to a design period of your liking.

Visit thrift shops, flea markets, estate, and garage sales which can be a fun activity, and find that jewel piece that you need and that adds that unique and peculiar solution to your décor. Such elements might only need a fresh coat of paint or reupholster with suitable fabric. Sticking to items that have already been made is a great way to be kind to the planet.

You will lower the ecological footprint caused by controlling our impulsive consumption conduct. It’s like going from human-centered and selfish design practice to becoming proper planet-minded conduct. It’s the right thing to do and feels so good when you do it.

Let’s become environmentally conscious consumers. Let’s practice green design principles. I have to say that is not only conduct to be liked or a fashion trend but must become a duty!!


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